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Because the magazine includes articles on such a diverse range of topics, readers tend to retain back issues for reference, which means our advertisers receive long term exposure for their products.

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Hoofbeats is Australia’s leading riding, training, horse and land care magazine. It is the publication of choice for horse owners and riders looking for an informative and educational magazine that provides practical advice on all aspects of horse management, including horse and rider training, veterinary, alternative therapies, nutritional advice, clothing and apparel, equipment and accessories.

Over the years, Hoofbeats has cemented its place in the equine industry as the magazine providing the most educational and creative content, encompassing every aspect of the equestrian lifestyle.

The Green Horse
With the majority of readers living on a horse property, Hoofbeats caters specifically to their requirements in The Green Horse, an eight page guide to property management that is included in every issue.

An invaluable educational tool, the Green Horse addresses day to day issues affecting horse property owners such as fencing, reticulation, pasture and grazing management, paddock rotation, growing herbs for horses, eco-friendly practices, ‘DIY’ projects, ‘green’ products, news and general advice that suggests how horse properties can be managed to their full potential.

The Green Horse presents a perfect opportunity for advertisers to target readers who spend considerable amounts of money on maintaining and improving their property.

Catering to all horse owners, regardless of their particular equestrian pursuits, from top competitors across each of the disciplines through to recreational riders, Hoofbeats provides articles that will become essential reference material and referred to time and time again, providing advertisers increased brand awareness and long term exposure.The magazine is also regarded as a prominent source of information relating to new products and services, allowing effective and direct communication between advertisers and a wide range of equestrian consumers looking to keep up to date with what is available in the market.

Hoofbeats offers a unique educational approach, featuring contributions from top riders and trainers along with leading industry professionals, both national and international.

Media Partners with Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA)

The magazine disseminates the latest research and findings in a useable practical style, allowing readers to enhance their skills and make the most of their equestrian pursuits.

Published in Australia for the last 40 years, Hoofbeats remains committed to being the magazine of choice for Australian horse owners and riders. It is the clear market leader in educational equestrian publishing, allowing advertisers to reach a captive audience of equestrian enthusiasts and consumers with a diverse range of interests.

Vital Statistics

• Circulation: 14,000
• Readership: 28,000
• RRP: $7.50
• Frequency: Bi Monthly

Availability: In Australia through news agents, selected saddlery, feed and produce stores.
Selected outlets in New Zealand.
By mail subscription across Australia and internationally and online as an APP. Available around the world for iPhones, iPads, iPods from the App Store and for a range of Android devices from Kindlefire, Googleplay, Windows 8, Pocketmagazines, ilovemagazines, Blackberry and other avenues. Go to Hoofbeats archived on-line articles.

Hoofbeats readers place a high value on education and look to the magazine as a source of information on new products and services.

An invaluable advertorial tool for advertisers, the regular feature Product News is the perfect platform to publicise additional information to standard product advertising and is presented in an editorial style, with pricing, availability and contact information included.

All enquiries regarding possible inclusion in Product News or offering products as prizes for subscribers should be directed to Tracy Weaver- Sayer.

Booking and copy deadlinesare applicable.

Purchased predominantly by women, the Hoofbeats reader places a high priority on enjoying time with their horses and continually improving their knowledge and skills. Contributions for articles are sourced from those at the top of their field and written in a style that experienced riders will find beneficial, while helping those looking to learn and improve. A significant number of male readers are the partners of those who purchase the magazine - some of whom also ride, plus there are many male readers that indicate they primarily read The Green Horse to assist in managing and maintaining their property.

Just over 75% of Hoofbeats readers are members of an Equine Association. These associations include the Equestrian Australia (EA), Breed Societies, Adult Riding Clubs and Pony Club.

• 65% of readers compete in equine sports
• 50% of Hoofbeats readers are 35 years or older
• 43% are aged under 35.

• Less than 5% are aged under 20
• 81% of hoofbeats readers own at least one dog
• 55% own at least 1 cat

Hoofbeats readers are employed in a variety of professions including the equine industry, administration, medical, education, management and sales, and 11% are undertaking studies and/or further studies. More than half of our readers have an above average household income and spend a considerable amount on their equestrian interests and lifestyle.

The most popular breed of horse owned by readers is the Thoroughbred. Other popular breeds include Warmbloods, Arabians, Quarter Horses, Riding Ponies and Australian Stock Horses. While 69% of Hoofbeats readers own 1-3 horses, 30% own more than 3 and 25% of readers have bred from their own horses.


The majority of readers own or are paying off their own horse property.

Size of Properties

• 30% under 5 acres
• 25% 6 - 10 acres

• 25% 11- 50 acres
• 20% have 50 or more acres.

Property Features
The average reader is living on a property designed to suit their equestrian lifestyle, with this extending to their choice of vehicles and to purchasing devices seen as time-saving and designed to improve efficiency and safety. Facilities found on readers properties include;

• Stables 47%
• Shelters 41%
• Wash bay 35%
• Yards 60%
• Arena 42%
• Access to bridle trails 53%

Property Equipment
• Ride on mover 43%
• Tractor 35%
• Arena rakes 15%
• Chainsaw 40%


The Hoofbeats reader spends a considerable amount of time and money on their horses. More than half feed pelleted products, with 27% using pre-mixed ‘complete feeds’. More than 60% add nutritional supplements, while herbal supplements are used by nearly half of all readers.

Committed to keeping their horses competitive and in good health, Hoofbeats readers utilise a variety of services including:

• Veterinary 85%
• Equine Dentist 76%
• Instruction 73%
• Alternative Therapist 41%

• Clipping 23%
• Horse Trainer 35%
• Horse Breaker 15%

Excluding horse feed, the majority of readers will make regular purchases through one of the two major Australian retail chains. Nearly half of readers will buy regularly from independent retailers, with produce/feed stores also used by a significant number. Australian and international online retailers are increasingly popular.

Hoofbeats is rated by readers as an important source of information in relation to new products and services they intend to purchase.

In the last available reader poll, readers intended making the following purchases over the next twelve months;

• horse 54%
• saddle 68%
• bridle 48%
• other saddlery items 46%
• riding clothing 51%
• show attire 24%
• riding boots 47%

• riding hats 31%
• rugs 71%
• horse boots 37%
• books and videos 59%
• towing vehicle 20%
• float 25%
• refurbishing an existing float or truck 19%


National Print- Colour

Double Page

Back Cover (when available) $1060

Inside Covers (when available) $980

Business Cards - Colour $65

National - Black and White

Business Cards - $40 (Black and White)  



• 10% loading for specified positions and to guarantee a right hand page.
• All prices include GST and are in AUS $.
10% discount for contract booking (6 issues) (eighth or larger).
• Inserts: Please enquire for pricing on insertions and deadlines.
• Run-ons available.


National App Only - Colour

Double Page









Web Advertising - static or rotating

Two Months
Four Months
Six Months
Total Cost
Monthly Cost
Total Cost
Monthly Cost
Total Cost
Monthly Cost
200 x 100px S
200 x 200px S
200 x 300px R
200 x 400px S
200 x 600px S
National or WA Show Scene MAIL-OUT- distributed monthly. Colour artwork to be supplied

Individual Issue

3 issues (two ads/one editorial or 3 ads)
200w x 200px d $40 $90
200w x 300px d $50 $120
200w x 400px d $60 $150

• Completed artwork should be supplied. However our graphic team can
create an ad for you which will incur an additional artwork charge.
• If material is not supplied by the Artwork deadline, the Publisher reserves the right to
repeat the most recent material.

Advertising Deadline Dates 2021

Booking Deadlines




5th January
1st March
2nd May


2nd July
3rd September
5th November

Artwork Deadlines




8th January
2nd March
4th May


5th July
5th September
7th November

Pre-payment is required for all new/casual advertisers.
• Completed artwork should be supplied however artwork can be prepared if required by our graphics department. Artwork charges may apply so contact us for details.
• If material is not supplied by the Artwork deadline, the Publisher reserves the right to repeat the most recent material.
• Web ads can be changed before the advertising period has ended. However this service will incur an additional fee.
• Payment is required 14 days from publication date for all accounts advertisers.
• Cancellations 5 days after the Artwork deadline will incur full costs.

Hoofbeats ONLINE Opportunities
Recognising the time readers are spending online Hoofbeats offers a number of opportunities to reach potential customers via the Hoofbeats website, facebook, app and mail-outs, which complement each edition of the magazine.

The Hoofbeats website is the first point of call for those looking to find out about the magazine, purchase individual copies in print and online, subscribe, browse and find information on previous articles and back issues.

In addition to being freely available information from the website each edition is widely promoted via our extensive email data base, our popular facebook page and other equestrian media channels, including radio. These additional advertising opportunities provide a means of reaching an increased audience with cost effective advertising that allows for an online interaction with potential customers to complement print marketing, or be utilised as a stand alone online only campaign.

Supplied Artwork Guidelines
Hoofbeats will accept supplied artwork as Press Optimised PDF, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator files.

Colour images to be CMYK eps, Black & White images to be greyscale tiffs. All images must be 300dpi (logos and line-art to be 600-1200dpi).

While internal production processes may verify that supplied material is within specifications, the onus is firmly on the client/agency to supply material that meets Hoofbeats specifications. Hoofbeats reserves the right to refuse any advertising material that does not meet our specifications. Preference is for supplied material to be emailed. Large files can be sent to Hightail or dropbox.

Hoofbeats accepts no responsibility for artwork supplied contrary to specifications. While every effort is made for accuracy, slight variations in colour may occur between issues/ magazines and cannot be controlled.

Type area: 190mm width x 255 depth
Magazine trim size: 210mm width x 280mm depth
Full page bleed: 220mm width x 290mm depth

Specifications for the National Magazine can be downloaded here.

Uploading Artwork
Email artwork to:
Upload to:

Hoofbeats Artwork Services Guidelines
Hoofbeats can create your artwork if required. Please advise on booking if you require our artwork services and we’ll discuss the requirements and any possibe extra charges with you.

Images are to be scanned at a resolution of 300dpi (usually found in the ‘settings or output’ option of your scanner software), saved in jpeg format and emailed to us as an attachment. Images are to be sent as separate emails if each image is larger than 3Mb and these images should NOT be embedded in a Word document. Images saved from the internet are not suitable for reproduction. Before sending any photos for publication, please ensure you have arranged copyright permission with the photographer.

Feel free to let us know any layout or colour preferences you may have and we will endeavour to re-create this for you.

For more information please contact our Advertising Manager - Tracy Weaver on:
(08) 9397 0506 Email:



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