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Hoofbeats is a life-style magazine for anyone with an interest in horses - with articles on riding, training the horse, training the rider, show preparation and tips, veterinary and herbal treatments, stable designs, horse management and life-style. It caters for all owners and riders, regardless of their particular equestrian pursuits. Contributions from top Australian and international riders and trainers has resulted in Hoofbeats being recommended as a valuable educational publication by educational institutions, clubs and coaches across Australia and kept long term by readers for its practical and useful information.

The magazine also includes The Green Horse, an eight page section covering property development and maintenance, pasture establishment, environmental issues, fencing information, water management, as well as practical hands-on suggestions from readers that cover a range of issues related to caring for a horse property.

Published every two months, Hoofbeats is available to purchase in print across Australia and New Zealand or online as an app from the App store, Google Play, Pocketmags and many other options for your computer, tablet or phone..

June -July 1979- Vol 1 No 1      
      Aug Sept 14 Vol36 no 2
Aug Sept 16 Vol38 No 2 Dec Jan 16/17 Vol38 no 4 April/May 17 Vol 38 No 6 Feb Mar 18 Vol 39 no5

Hoofbeats magazine was born in Perth, WA in June 1978 as the part time project of Rob and Sandy Hannan, David Nangle and Steve Rooke, all horse owners and keen competitors with the exception of Steve Rooke the graphic artist. The magazine was popular immediately with equestrians across Western Australia and it become apparent that its production would require considerably more time than was envisaged at its start up. David and Steve bowed out to focus on their 'real' jobs and as Rob travelled extensively with his successful photography business, this left Sandy taking on the position of editor, and the many other roles required to produce the magazine!

Originally sharing Rob's photographic studio in the Perth CBD, the magazine moved to a semi rural location in 1990, the purpose built log cabin office surrounded by horses, geese, sheep, dogs, cats and chickens. Growing steadily over the years with significant growth in readership across Western Australia the decision to expand distribution across Australia was made in 1992, with immediate success as the demand for quality information in the rapidly growing equestrian sector resulting in a loyal and dedicated following, which has remained to this day.

Many skilled people have been involved with the magazine over the past 44 years, but employees and contributors have all had one thing in common - their love of horses. Some have been highly successful competitors or breeders, others have one horse they ride in the bush, but they have all been horse lovers. They have been dedicated to the editorial goals established early on; that is for Hoofbeats to provide informational and educational articles for riders, competitors, breeders and those involved with horses across all areas of equestrian activities.

The Green Horse section emerged to provide property owners with sustainable methods to develop and maintain horse properties and it has grown to include herbal and natural alternatives. It has been highly commended by those within the agricultural industry for its unique and practical approach and was a finalist in the Ford Landcare Media Awards in 1997 and is embraced as a valuable tool for improving the popularity of landcare initiatives in the equestrian sector.

Thanks to technology, the Hoofbeats' in-house team work alongside regular contributors based at a number of locations around Australia and liaise regularly with industry professionals across the globe to ensure editorial is sourced from those who have demonstrated their expertise across a variety of disciplines and fields.

Media Partners with Equine Veterinarians Australia
A collaboration with Equine Veterinarians Australia keeps readers up to date with the latest in veterinary diagnosis and treatment with content specifically written in a style that can be readily utilised and understood.

With the move to digital products in the past decade, the focus of the magazine has not changed, only broadened to encompass the rest of the horse world that previously had limited reach because of prohibitive postage costs. Hoofbeats magazine remains in print with significant distribution via newsagents, saddlery and produce stores across Australia and New Zealand and thousands of subscribers continue to receive their magazine every two months direct to their door, with readers' enthusiasm for their 'hard copies' indicating that the demise of the print medium is not on the cards any time soon!

To cater for the significant demand for Hoofbeats online, the digital magazine provides an enhanced reading experience and is readily accessible to a growing world wide audience on their preferred devices.





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