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April/May 2018
Vol 39 No 6
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INSIDE the April May 2018 issue

Vol 39 No 6 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, App (for all devices) $5.99


The Thinking Rider’s Approach to Dressage
by Bernie Saunders
Riders compete in dressage for many reasons, including as a way of monitoring their training progress. Using and understanding the feedback from the judges can aid in both the rider and horse’s progression and success.

Showing the Way Forward by Wendy Elks
Welshman Peter Thomas has brought to Australia an inherited legacy of knowledge and experience in show ring

Ebony Park Friesians
Australia’s first ride-a-Grand-Prix-trained-Friesian experience is now offered at Ebony Park.

Lil Jay – the orphaned donkey
When reader Janetta Trailer’s much loved donkey Molly became unwell while pregnant the prognosis was not good as vets struggled to manage the rare condition that she’d somehow contracted.

Show Preparation – Lovely Legs by Nicole Groves
For a winning look top to toe, the horse’s legs can require special attention in the lead up to, and on show day.

Demystifying Equine Obesity and Laminitis by Allison Stewart
One of the most painful conditions a horse can experience, and a condition often requiring euthanasia, there’s many reasons a horse
may suffer from laminitis. It’s important to know the risks and to
take appropriate steps to reduce the likelihood of it occurring as
much as possible.

LEFT: Judges should play an important role in saving our show horses and ponies from horrendously painful laminitis.


Some of the 2017 articles in Hoofbeats  

The Thinking Rider's Approach to Dressage

  Leg preparation for the show ring - before and after.

Time To Clip by Beth Noble
With shorter days resulting in horses growing their winter coats, many will begin deliberating if its appropriate to clip their horse’s coat and what should be taken into consideration before doing so.

Skin rejuvination after clipping by Catherine Bird
There’s a number of herbs that can help with sensitivity of the horse’s skin after being clipped and improve its condition and appearance.

Dogs and Horses by Kit Prendergast
Few horse owners don’t seem to own a dog as well and, for the most part, dogs and horses can get along well. There’s a few considerations to keep in mind however to ensure a good relationship between these two different species.

Feed room detox by Antoinette Foster
While some modern day feeding practices may be suited to horse owners lifestyles, they’ve been demonstrated to not always being that suitable for their horses when reviewing what’s going on in the feed room.

Loose and Independent Legs by Sarah Warne
The amount of pressure required and applied from the rider’s legs will vary, and each leg able to be used independently.

Saddle Man by Wendy Elks
Mark Dawson is one of a dwindling number of saddlers still making the iconic Australian stock saddle by hand.


HORSE FRONT News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world. we have asked experienced horsepeople to shed some light on common ‘horse lore’.

PLEASE EXPLAIN Kentucky Equine Research explain how to avoid bad behaviour at feeding times, and dressage coach Liz Tollarzo describes when cross tying can be useful and how to teach your horse to accept this way of being tied up.

THE GREEN HORSE - horses and the land

• Protect your property from the march of the Millipedes
• Stop stable smells by feeding lower protein
•How dam levels affect your horse and how to DETOX the water source.
•Make a Plan for you property's future
•This ACTIVATED CHARCOAL can prevent horses dying from toxins


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Vol 28 - 6 PONYING (leading from another horse)
by Tracy Tillman
Ponying’, or leading one horse off another, is an especially useful technique if time is
short or a health issue precludes mounted exercise.


Vol 36 - 6 April/May 2015

by Dr Max Hall

Lameness can originate in bone or soft tissue and being able to identify and understand this condition requires the ability to distinguish between normal and altered paces and the change in the way the horse normally carries itself.



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