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June July 2018
Vol 40 No 1
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Vol 40 No 1 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, App (for all devices) $5.99


by Berni Saunders

Balancing life with work and family has its challenges; throw horses into the mix and it can be a whole new level! The first article in a new series establishes how this 4* Eventer, Vet, husband and Dad manages his work/life/horse balance.

The LuxemooIe family all ride and compete
l-r: Isabelle, Kate, Rohan and Harry

IN THE SADDLE at a ‘Certain Age
by Felicity Wischer
Given Australia’s ageing society it’s perhaps not that surprising that the numbers of older riders in the equine community is growing, and many make a return to the saddle after years out of it. The first in our series on the Mature Rider.
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GROW 'EM RIGHT – principles of sound growth

by Kentucky Equine Research

Nutrition can play an important role in ensuring optimum growth rates in young horses while minimising the risks that can be associated with inappropriate feeding practices.

HORSE TREKKING in New Zealand by Liz Tollarzo
Regular Hoofbeats contributor, dressage rider and coach Liz Tollarzo ventured well and truly into the Great Outdoors when she joined her friend Rosie’s quest to trek across New Zealand’s South Island.

TO RUG OR NOT TO RUG? by Andie Wyatt
There’s many reasons horse owners choose to rug their horses, with a myriad of options available to suit all manner of requirements, budgets and tastes.


Some of the 2017 articles in Hoofbeats - click to view  

To rug or not to rug - what is right for your horse?

  Grow 'em Right- Your horse’s future can be influenced by the nutrition it receives as it grows.

DIVORCE – but what happens to the horses?
by Wendy Elks

Unfortunately, one in three marriages in Australia will end in divorce and it’s not always just children that can be caught up in disputes. For horse owners there can be the potential for conflict around ownership after the breakdown of a relationship.

by Dr Jennifer Stewart
A horse’s speed, strength and endurance can decline with
advancing years, however there are certain dietary inclusions
and considerations that can help slow the process and minimise
the effects of ageing.

Choosing herbs for the winter months. When herbs are dried correctly it is possible to retain most of the vitamin, mineral and theraputic qualities required for winter issues.

HE LOVES ME AND MY HORSE - partners and dads-that-do by Kaye Meynell
We’ve all heard the saying, Behind every great man there’s a great woman, but as these readers share, behind many women into horses, there’s often a great man, with countless supportive Dads and partners allowing these women the chance to shine in their chosen sport and pastime.

WHAT’S THAT SWELLING - Cellulitis by Dr Georgina Johnston and Dr Allison Stewart
Unfortunately quite common in horses, this painful condition caused by a bacterial infection can be a challenging one to treat.


HORSE FRONT News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world.

PLEASE EXPLAIN We have asked experienced horse people to shed some light on common ‘horse lore’.
The Barefoot Blacksmith’s Nicole Bowe explains what Equine Canker is; Kentucky Equine Research discuss how haematomas differ from a bruise; and, if you’re hoping to breed a Palomino, this is what you’ll need to know.

THE GREEN HORSE - horses and the land

• Map your weeds
• Keeping hay dry
• The evergreen dream
• Tree maintenance
• Buyer Beware
• Pumpkin- Yes, your horse can eat it.



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Vol 29 No 1  June July  2007
by Wendy Murdoch
Learn how the humble zucchini and a table top can be useful tools for learning lateral movements.


Vol 3
3 - 2 Aug/Sept 2011

by Hanika Pemberton with ‘Master’ Frederico Saramago.
Having an understanding of the Classical Horsemanship foundations may give riders a taste for the art of working their horse towards a level of education, and consequently, obedience from which to progress to higher ideals.



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