October/November Vol 43 No 3
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Exercises - paving the way for the next level with Hayley Beresford

Moving on with the development of the young horses at training centre Eisner Hof in Germany, Hayley continues to lay the foundations towards Grand Prix, with exercises for leg-yield and travers to develop the half-pass in trot and canter, creating the foundation for the next step.

Equine Therapies for Wellbeing and Rehabilitation 

Following on from last issue where we looked at accessible and affordable products and technologies available for horse owners to maintain the well-being of their horse at home, we now look at some of the more specialised and sophisticated equipment - those that may require the assistance of an equine health professional and a bigger budget. 

Equestrian Fashion . . . Shirts

Riding shirts available today make the most of fabric technologies, with an extensive range of competition and riding shirt styles, colours, embellishments and brands available to choose from. Paralympian Sharon Jarvis, Show Horse competitor Chanele Hunter-Cooke, the Horseland Midland Team, Anna Johnson from Equestrian Evolution and Zoe Harrison from Hannoverian Riding Wear contribute their expertise on current trends in riding shirts and equestrian fashion. 

This Oct/Nov cover features Paralympian Sharon Jarvis who shares information on her riding wear at Tokyo in the feature on Equestrian Fashion; this issue focussing on shirts with styles to suit everybody. 

A bumper issue this time with the inclusion of the 2021 Stallion and Stud Directory in the magazine, we hope you enjoy going through the stallions and studs featured in the Directory,  which is also available online, and as usual this entire issue is available to read with the Hoofbeats app if that is a more convenient way to read your magazine. 

If you would like to share your feedback on this issue, or what you would like to see in future issues of Hoofbeats, please drop us an email. 

We hope you enjoy the October/November issue. 

The Hoofbeats Team 

Hoofbeats 2021 Stallion and Stud Directory

Be sure to check out the Stallion and Stud Directory included free in the printed issue or view it online.

Featuring stallions from a range of breeds, this must see breeding Directory also includes a step by step guide to breeding management.  

Regaining confidence after a fall can take time, and a supportive environment to work through the recovery period.  Riders Amanda Dickerson, Jennelle McAppion,  Body Awareness Coach Kate OConnor and Psychologist Stephanie Haley share their experiences and expertise for overcoming confidence issues after a fall. 

Developing The Topline 
Dr Jennifer Stewart highlights the causes and veterinary conditions that can affect the horses topline. It is vital that their back muscles are developed  with correct nutrition, training and conditioning. 

Those Hypersensitive Itches
 Equine Hypersensitivity, or Queensland Itch as it is commonly referred to in Australia, is caused by an overreaction of a horses immune system to antigens found in the saliva of insects, primarily Culicoides midges. Environmental factors have a strong contribution to the prevalence of the disease.


The Connection - Oxalate Pastures and Big Head 

Horses grazing high oxalate grasses can be at risk of calcium deficiency, which can lead to a number of health conditions, including Big Head. It is important to know the risks and symptoms of horses grazing these grasses and have preventative measures in place to prevent this condition affecting your horse.

Being an Emotionally Ineffective Rider  

Point three in the series by Sarah Warne Rider Mistakes and How To Remedy Them, this issue Sarah highlights the riders emotions and how they can play an important role in how riders behave on and around their horses. The key is keeping your emotions balanced and not to be making excuses.

Fencing Options 
Selecting the best materials for equine fencing requires an idea of the pros and cons of the various materials available and an understanding of your requirements. This  overview considers the most common types of equine fencing available in Australia.
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by Dr. J. H. Stewart
With the weather heating up it is important to ensure the water intake of your horse is adequate and electrolyte losses over those provided in their feed are replaced after exercise. 
100 MILE (160km) A MONTH CHALLENGE to walk with your horse
by Steve Halfpenny 
Work your horse in-hand for an hour a day, across all terrain, to develop a connection.

Inside The Green Horse  your guide to sustainable horse and property keeping
Tractor Accessories
With a wide variety of tractor implements and accessories available it can be difficult to know which ones could be the most beneficial and appropriate on a horse property. 

Give Ticks The Flick
Tick bites can result in irritation, coat damage, anaemia and serious equine diseases. 


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