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February/March 2018
Vol 39 No 5
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INSIDE the February March 2018 issue

Vol 39 No 5 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, App (for all devices) $5.99


BLIND AMBITION - Sue–Ellen Lovett
by Georgia Hawkins for Kelato Animal Health

Few riders reach the highest levels of equestrian sport and earn the right to represent their country on the world stage. Achieving this feat when legally blind makes Sue-Ellen’s achievements even more remarkable, and she’s not done yet!

RIDING MUMS - can they have it all? by Kaye Meynell
These readers share how they do, managing the juggle that’s often required to combine horse ownership, riding and parenthood.

by Dr Jo Rainger and Allison J Stewart - University of Queensland

Horses can require anaesthesia for various reasons. With risk factors increased due to their size and nature, there’s a number of factors taken into account before the procedure can take place.

by Kentucky Equine Research
For optimal muscle health, especially for equestrian athletes, the horse’s diet will need to meet their nutritional requirements.

THE GOBI GALLOP by Jenna Arnett
Covering 700 kilometres on horse back is not for the faint hearted, however the challenge was tackled head on by three Australians who headed to Mongolia in 2017 for the charity ride of a lifetime.
Right: Some of the children from
the Peak Sanctuary, a compound built by the Veloo Foundation in conjunction with the Mongolian Government, and the recipients of this charity ride. To learn more about the Veloo Foundation visit

by Harriet Leahy
It takes years of training, work and attention to detail to progress a horse to an elite level, the management of their health, fitness and wellbeing similar to that required by the most elite human athletes.
We talk to Olympian Shane Rose, Imogen Mercer, former head girl for UK-based Olympic medalist Sam Griffiths and Teresa Dufosee, an Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist - who treats members of the Australian team - on the longevity and welfare of our high-performance equine athletes.

Keeping the High Performance Horse Sound.  

Feeding For Healthy Muscles.

  Cold, hot and Warm bloods.

PAIN MAY BE INEVITABLE but suffering should not be an option by Antoinette Foster
Diagnosing pain in horses is not always straight forward, and some horses, like humans, cope better than others. Learning to recognise symptoms, what can be done to help, and what could prevent pain in the first place should be a priority for all owners.

MIDNIGHT MESSAGES - what your stable could tell you about your horse by Catherine Bird for Country Park Herbs
Your horse’s stable can provide a number of vital clues about the state of their health and well being.

CAN YOUR HORSE HEAR YOU? Deafness in horses by Allison J Stewart University of Queensland
A number of factors can contribute to hearing loss, along with deafness, which, while rare, can be a congenital condition.

COLD, HOT and Warm-bloods... Equine terminology... what does it mean?

by Kit Prendergast
What do these frequency used terms actually mean, and should owners treat horses any differently depending on what ‘type’ they have? We explore the meanings and myths behind the ‘temperatures’ of breeds.

by Sandi Simons
Children develop a love of horses and a desire to ride for many reasons, and children can loose that desire for various different reasons too. There’s also considerable support and commitment required from parents and a few things to keep in mind to ensure riding is safe, fun and enjoyable for all.

by Liz Tollarzo
Young riders need to learn how to care for their pony and how to ride it, but to keep their interest and desire to learn, it also has to be fun.


HORSE FRONT News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world. we have asked experienced horsepeople to shed some light on common ‘horse lore’.

PLEASE EXPLAIN This section returns by popular request. It explains terms used in the horse world; with experienced riders, trainers and professionals shedding light on common ‘horse lore’.

THE GREEN HORSE - horses and the land

View the range of articles in the Green Horse that covers an ever-present situation in feed and hay sheds; what todo about those 'crater-sized' holes that appear in your pasture; how to reduce Carbon Emissions and how that will reduce the running costs of your property plus what soil testing will tell you about feed produced from your land and, what it won't tell you. (Photo - let the dung beetle do the work for you.) TAKE ME TO THE GREEN HORSE ARTICLES

Free ARTICLES on-line
A selection of ARCHIVED ARTICLES available on-line PLUS travel and breed articles from previous e-previews are available in archived on-line


Vol 28 - 5 Feb/March 2007

by Sharon Robinson

Follow this easy, step-by-step guide to create a fashionable ribbon-covered browband in colours to suit your horse or pony.


Vol 28 - 5 Feb/March 2007

by Liz Tollarzo
Successful dressage trainer and competitor, Brett Parbery, uses the philosophy of ‘less is
more’ for his teaching and training techniques.




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