Over the years through my saddlery research, veterinary work, coaching and riding I have learnt to relate the way a horse works to areas of the saddle that may be causing discomfort.

Sometimes horses won’t become overtly sore as they will hold themselves or restrict their
way of going to prevent this from happening.

The saddle may appear to fit when the horse is stationary but the way the horse works tells us differently.

You must always listen to your horse!



Everyone knows how small changes in rider position can dramatically change the way a horse works.
Horses can feel so much!

Nothing is so rewarding for me than to see a horse and rider change when suboptimal pressure is relieved or better balance is achieved and they are able to perform. Some of the most amazing cases had been struggling for a long time with a particular training issue. One was a horse that had trouble with his flying changes until he was ridden in a saddle with completely different back gussets. Another was a horse that bucked unbelievably until he had a saddle made with a much wider channel at the point of an old spinal injury. My favourite is a horse that always had a slightly four-beat canter despite having had numerous different saddles fitted previously. They all appeared to fit very well. With a saddle that totally eliminated any pressure at the back of the saddle this horse is now happily performing sequence flying changes and is well on the way to Grand Prix. I am so lucky to be able to help such wonderful creatures!

VH Saddlery now has over 20 trial saddles

These saddles offer extremely different tree shapes and numerous front and back gusset variations to ensure optimal fit for horses of all shapes and sizes.


The Ryder range of dressage saddles are now also available to trial and are proving incredibly popular. Initially Victoria works out which tree suits the horse best and which seat the rider prefers. Then the knee roll type, position and size, stirrup bar adjustability and the flap length are discussed to ensure the rider achieves their best position.

All the VH and Ryder saddles are adjustable by a saddle-fitter.

Let Victoria, a veterinarian, an international dressage competitor and one of Australia’s most experienced dressage coaches help find the best fit for you and your horse. It could well be the best investment you make for you and your horse’s riding partnership.

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