Supplied by Anne Lasini - Rustic Pics:

On a sunny weekend in April campdraft enthusiasts were treated to a program of all the best life has to offer, great cattle, sunshine, green pastures; a perfect weekend for great scores.

Neil Bryce on She'll Truly Spin

Winners for the weekend were 'Hayclif Sambo' owned and ridden by Henry Clifton, in the  feature event the Brownes Restricted Open, including the top cut out, with a score of 91 and 90, showing why he has been consistent with his wins and just too hard to catch.

Winning the Open event is our popular Annabel McLarty on her steed Chad, with an 88 and 90, Neil Bryce taking out TCO on Wein Highclass Pepto.

Novice winners were Tom Curtain on Acres of Play and Scott Keilar on Fancy Little Diablo, top cut outs won by Jayden Panomeranko on Flying F Captain Jay and Rob Thompson Erin Highclass Pepto.

Maiden Class winners were Simone Boord on Charlottes Web and Keith Anderson on Farrway Canon, Top cut out winners being Brett Edwards on Coldplay and Scott Keilar on Lenas lil Rocket scoring a 23.

A popular win in the encouragement was Ron Reeve riding Wadbilliga Duet, a hardworking Dardanup club member, TCO going to Sally Latham on Scooter.

Junior winners for the weekend were Grace Hall on Rewind, also winning the TCO and only to be beaten by her brother Mack Hall on the Sunday who also took out the TCO.

Juveniles that had a great weekend out were Annie-May Jannings on Gwenny and Darcie Morris on Fourtyniner Scooter, and top cut out winner Darci Nancarrow on a 24 riding Tocal Gifted.

Great Draft, great weekend, congratulations to the committee and all competitors.

Thanks to Brownes Dairy, the major sponsor of the 2015 event we were able to offer great prize money and trophies.

Annabel Mclarty riding Regret
Allister Butcher and Karadal Cruze
Keith Anderson and Toscal Goldfever
Karen King riding Grey Tee


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