Archery State Championships

17-18th October 2015

Taking Aim – WA AHAA State Championship 2015

by Vicki Portelli photos by Kerryn Ward

Frana Jones, winner of the Korean One Shot eventxxxxxxxxOwen Bundock

Rory Bundock left and above - winners are grinners. A good day for this emerging sport.




The WA Horse Archery Association State Championship 2015 was held on 17th & 18th October at the SEC. Alate opening of the heavens had everything a little wet, but no spirits were dampened.

After an early morning set-up, pre competition briefing, gear and arrow safety check…it was down to a day of shooting, in true Robin Hood style.

It was an awesome turn-out for the experienced and beginners, of all ages. Colourful costumes and primed mounts ensured it also was a spectacle for other local enthusiasts that were attending the grounds on the weekend. It was definitely encouraging for the future of the sport to hear the applause coming from the sideline after every archer had made their run.

Different pace elements made up the competition for the day, this allowed for beginners to compete at a walk pace and the more experience to be put through their paces at a trot and canter level. Fundamentals of the sport had the number of targets depending on the category of the individual run. Most of the event had been set up as a run with 3 targets, though at the end of the competition the Korean One shot was held. The comprising of one target, 90meter run and its timed for pace and scored on accuracy, it’s always a favourite amongst riders and spectators. This year, Frana Jones won the event with precision and technique.

The competition was tough, especially between the more seasoned archers; nevertheless, it was a fun, healthy and entertaining day of events.  Two promising young men made their first appearance at the State Champs, brothers, Owen and Rory Bundock. They kept the pace with the advanced riders in some of the event division and were well rewarded for their efforts when the presentations were handed out. The future of any sport lies in the support and encouragement of the young competitors.

After all the arrows had been shot off and collected over the whole weekend and the scores were tallied up, the awards were presented;
2015 WA AHAA State Champion – Adriana Della Franca
2015 WA-AHAA Reserve State Champion-Melissa Guest
Best Costume – Cara Keogh (who has a creative flair for costumes, a treasure amongst the members)

These sports and events can’t be held without the volunteers who put in long hours prior, during and after such a weekend. The club was also generously sponsored by Luxe Equestrian, Saddleworld, Thompson & Redwood, Hoddywell Archery, Lawnswood, Hay Australia & PerthRider. Without all the support of the individuals and companies our sport wouldn’t be possible, so a much appreciated Thanks goes out to all who contribute
In the words of the Competition Organiser: Melissa Guest (WA State Representative) “Wow what a day, feeling a bit rosy, both in complexion and after having such a lot of fun. It was a fabulous day of our 2015 Champs.  Well done all the riders and thank you to all the helpers, it went like clockwork.

As the year 2015 winds down and with only a couple more rallies to be held, both riders and horses will get a much needed rest from the exciting year past……just in time for 2016 to bring bigger and better things.