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Track Riders Needed For Landor Bush Races

There are things in this life so truly beautiful and special that mere words quite fail to fully describe them. If you’re like most of us reading this online blog, you will also know that most of those truly beautiful things will include a horse at some stage.

One of the special and unique things in this life that involves horses is the Landor Races, a traditional bush race meeting seeped in the Australian outback atmosphere. It is held on the 3504 sq kilometre Landor Station - situated roughly 900 kl north of Perth. The races were first held in 1921 when stockmen from stations in the area held a rac, on their day off, to find who had the fastest horse. The races have been held almost continuously ever since. No starting gates exist, all races are walk up starts.

Traditionally, Landor race riders have been outback station employees, owners of the horses, or ring ins from overseas who fancied a go at this race-riding lark to see if it compared to Point to Point races or hunting. As time has gone on, and Racing and Wagering WA (RWWA) has exercised more safety restraints, Landor has been required to allow only those with RWWA approved Track Riding Licenses to ride in the races. Jockeys must be licensed track riders and the event is an opportunity for track riders to ride in a real race, against other amateur jockeys. This race involves fast horses, dust, fun, cheering, bonhomie and total satisfaction.

The requirement for riders to have their Track License has restricted the number of riders available to trainers at Landor – to this end, the Committee and Trainers are putting out an official invitation to any rider who has their Fast Track License, and who would love to come and be a part of this unique family.

"It is colossal fun to race your horses in such intimate surroundings, with such hands on involvement. And the best part is the minimum weight of 70kg! There’s not a real need to starve yourself below a normal working weight.

"Any riders who would like to come and ride in this incomparable environment will be made truly welcome, will be provided with a family-like atmosphere in one of the camps along the creek, given a bed, food and – importantly, drinks and parties - and will be given horses to ride out in the mornings to accustom themselves to the surroundings. There is also assistance offered to each and every jockey to help out with the camping and the travel."

Camping areas are provided for visitors to the event and anyone wanting to experience a truly Australian bush race meeting will find this an ideal opportunity, although they may well be bitten by the ‘Landor-bug’ and become one of the many who continue to return year after year.

Event rider Julie Walsh
Julie comes from Moora, but is originally from the station country, and she shares her memories of riding in this event. “I can’t describe what it’s like to ride in a race. Maybe because it’s too big a thing to embrace with words, or maybe because it’s 23 years since I rode in my last race.

“I could, though, tell you exactly where each hoof of every horse I rode in every race over my 13 year ‘career’ landed, and how each ride felt. That feeling of intense fun and unrivalled euphoria never, ever leaves you.

“Riding Cross Country with my eventers now doesn’t come close to the feeling of riding in a race – especially the odd win. Or the close finish. Or even just having a flyer of a start or being swept away by a speedy late rush. It is breath-taking excitement; fabulous elation; extraordinary exhilaration and perfect.

“To be able to experience this is a possibility for riders out there – if you have your fast track license, you are able and eligible and invited – nay! – you are required to come to Landor and ride for trainers to help keep the Landor tradition alive.”

Landor this year is on Saturday the 3rd and Monday the 5th of October 2015. It’s a bumper year in the Gascoyne, so this is your chance to see the country at it’s pristine best, to ride in a race and be hooked for life, and to experience the experience that is Landor.

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