With Deb Jewell
Photography by Belinda Cruickshank - Fast Paced Photography

95 entrants attended this event and many of them dressed in purple to highlight the fact it was a fund-raiser for Cancer Care


Left: Leigh Hopkinson and Ali Healey Supporting Purple Bra Endurance Ride


This year’s Capel Endurance Ride was run on the 11th July to raise funds for Cancer Care WA.
All entrants were encouraged to wear purple in support of Purple Bra Day.

“I lost my mum to breast cancer nearly 5 years ago,” said Deb Jewell,  “so this ride has a special meaning for me and it has also touched some of the members in one way or the other. What better way to remember loved ones than raise money for a local charity.”


Friday 10th July came around quickly, and there was still a 40km and a 20km course to be marked out so
Deb’s  ever- tolerant hubby, Terry, set off through the lovely Capel Tuart Forest to set the course. 

On the day there were 95 entries received and all the entrants were encouraged to wear something purple.  Deb was thrilled to see how many went to a huge effort.  There were some awesome get ups, even the guys got their Bra on…and rode in them too.
What a successful day – a great ride for everyone and  funds were raised for Cancer Care at the same time.

Thanks go out to all those who attended and supported the day.  Deb and Terry hope to see you there again next year.

Deena Coulthard and Cisco with Nerelle Coulthard and Sonny 40km
Kate Jenour and Arabika Arty 80km
Pippa Barber and Jesse Creek Pride (L) - Donna Capeling and Brax 20km
Kylie Van Uden Riding Venus 80km
Mother and daughter team - Kylie and Joanne Van Uden 80km   Jodie McKell (L) and Dianna McGirr (R) - 80km


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