JESTER FLATS - Holiday Fun

by Mary-Louise Hardwick - Cavalletti Classifieds

A fun weekend that involved horses for those who are experienced and those who are not.

How many of you have gone on holiday and thought about taking a trail ride through the local area? Every year we travel to the South West of WA for our annual family trip with our non-horsey friends. Sitting around the camp fire we discuss which winery to visit, how much we ate at the chocolate factory and how many fish we caught, or not!

Recently we discovered a Margaret River tourist attraction that is set to become our newest annual event.

For my non-horsey friends the day started with a one hour beginner’s ride through the tall trees and this proved a huge hit with them returning at a trot and huge smiles all-round.

We however, had a beginner’s lesson in Polocrosse. WHAT A BLAST!


We are not experienced in the ways of the game but with a smaller field, experienced horses and the encouragement of Paul Brennan (referee, previous national player and owner of Jesters Flat) we played positions 1 and 3 and had 4 chukkas, specifically tailored for those of us who aren’t as fit as they used to be!

Post-match our polocrosse exploits, or not!, were discussed over warm bread and dukkha in the beautiful surrounds of the club house. Paul and Fiona have a beautiful property, wonderful horses and this really is a fantastic alternative for more experienced riders.

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