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June July 2014
Vol 36 No 1
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Vol 36 No 1 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

Lateral Movements - THE HALF PASS
by Liz Tollarzo

Lateral exercises improve a horse’s physical and mental flexibility and laythe foundations for complex movements in many disciplines.

  by Darren Robertson
The factors that contribute to this condition in foals and how it can be treated.

shoulder exercises for quiet hands by Wendy Murdoch
The key to quiet hands lies with relaxed shoulders and a correctly aligned rib cage.

a place to call home  by Carole Watson
The post-war setting of this popular Australian drama requires many of its actors to ride. Actress Abby Earl talks about what has surprised and delighted her about horses. Trainer, Grahame Ware, explains his priorities when teaching actors to ride.

reader’s story - star picket injuries                    
Her beloved mare suffered fatal injuries when pierced by a star picket. Annie Crutchlow shares her story.

  by Geoff McLean
A new event devised by Racing Victoria, Triequithon is taking eventing to the racetrack.

australia: Leading the way in hoofcare by Wendy Elks                                    From Tasmania, around Australia and to the world, Australian experts are showing the way forward.

looking after the legs  by Dr John Kohnke
The correct diet, exercise, training and ‘after exercise’ care can all influence the risk and severity of limb injury and the ‘down time’ required from a training schedule.

Why that tail guard? 
Whether a simple bandage or a high tech specialised protector, a tail guard can help maintain the appearance and health of a horse’s tail.

by Dr Jennifer Stewart - Equine Veterinarians Australia
With age, horses can become more susceptible to dental problems and parasites and may have difficulty maintaining their weight and general health, so regular checks are needed to ensure their quality of life.

rescuing the neglected horse
What constitutes ‘neglect’ of an animal means different things to different people. Sometimes the rescuers themselves can fall into the trap of mistreating horses by taking on more than they can realistically care for.

trainability by Kaye Meynell                 
Just as humans do, horses differ in their ability to learn. Many factors affect a horse’s ease of training and exposure to a variety of stimuli may be a factor.

 by Geoff McLean
With a gene map of the horse now completed, the new sciences of genomics and nutrigenomics could be about to change the current concept of managing equine nutrition, health, behaviour and performance.

have your say  
Reader feedback and questions.

Mounted Security by Wendy Elks                 
The many advantages of using horses for security purposes are being utilised by the Australian Turf Club as it combines this with a use for retired Thoroughbreds, while other Security firms are adding a mixture of breeds to their stables.

conserving the cleveland bay
  by Rebecca Cassells
A breed with a noble history, the Cleveland Bay is now rarer than the Giant Panda.


with Ross Jacobs, Franklin Levinson and Cherry Hill    
Why horses try to move off when being mounted; why they rush at gateways and where they like to be touched.

do horses recognise their handlers?                  
What most horse owners have maintained all along has now been verified by research -  horses can distinguish between strangers and familiar humans.

Do you dance?
  by Melissa van der Sluys
As with ballroom dancing partners, the horse and rider partnership requires one to lead, however the aim should be to be so connected in this ‘dance’ it is difficult to see who is leading whom.

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