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Inside the October November 2013 issue
Vol 35 No 3 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

  by Liz Tollarzo
More challenging to perfect than it appears, shoulder in promotes a horse’s suppleness and obedience to the bending, forward driving, sideways pushing and restraining aids.

ENDURANCE in Sport and in life by Wendy Elks with Meg Wade
Former international endurance rider, Meg Wade, is fighting her way back from a brain injury with the same determination that took her to the top of her beloved sport.

brakes or no brakes  by Sandi Simons
The ‘stop’ and ‘go’ cues are integral to a horse’s education and the rider’s enjoyment, but if a horse has faulty brakes, it’s never too late to correct them.

Monty Roberts - Relaxed Responsive Horses 
At 78 this world renowned horseman is showing even more people how to improve their relationships with their horses through logical horse psychology.

unlocking the locking device  by  Dr Ian Bidstrup
A horse needs to lock its stifle joint to sleep while standing and to balance while resting the other leg. Problems arise, however, when this transition doesn’t happen smoothly.

why those reins  by Kaye Meynell
There is a wide range of reins available to suit rider preferece and equestrian activity. Given their importance in communication with the horse, reins deserve special consideration.

by Kaye Meynell with Lisa Cairns
It began with a swollen neck,and turned into a battle to save a 15 year old gelding’s life.
WARNING - this article contains graphic images.

Please explain
with Dr Meredith Flash, Dr  Clarissa Brown-Douglas and Jane Myers
Taking a horse’s pulse, feeding for colour and an independent seat. Experienced horsemen and women guide readers through the questions they have always wanted to ask.

Reader’s Story
- In Search of a Brumby 
Taking part in a Brumby Safari enabled a reader to make a special connection with a wild horse.

starting under saddle by Wendy Elks
The age to start a horse under saddle varies greatly with the breed and discipline. Is there an ideal age? Or does it depend on the horse?

septicaemia by Dr Jennifer Stewart
Septicaemia, or blood poisoning, is the underlying cause in the majority of equine deaths. Fortunately the body has a complex defence system that activates before it goes that far.

mongol derbY by  Carol Willcocks with Kirsten Melis
The Mongol Derby holds the record for the world’s longest race - 1000km across harsh Mongolian wilderness. Aussie girl Kirsten Melis took up the challenge finishing equal third with Clare Twemlow (UK).

Riding Forward with Linda Parelli
That’s how the rider is going to encourage the horse to put in a little more effort but                   without bringing up the horse’s emotions. Also, unlike thunk-thunk, plink-plink is onthe horse’s hip rather than its shoulder.

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Volun-touring in India takes horse-trekkers to local villages that would not normally be in any tour guides.


An insightful summary of the clinic with his top students at Hartpury Dressage Festival in the UK.

An international sport that will be featured at Equitana in a competition between Australia and the UK.

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POTHOLE PROBLEMS - Information Exchange - Readers’ Tips, Views and Questions -
Weedwatch - Healthy Weeds Your HorseWill Love
by Nicola Field  
Climate Conversations at EQUITANA Sydney

Cool, Green, Safe and Water Wise 
by Chris Ferreira
Growing Equine Herbs - Mullein
by Jackie Ri ve            
Native Grasses -Summer Maintenance by Dr Ian Chivers
Why Do Horses Graze Like That?
by Andrea Carmody
Green’ Exercise Good for Mental Health

Holistic Management Pt 7 by Mariette van den Berg


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