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Inside the June July 2013 issue
Vol 35 No 1 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

Leg Yield by Liz Tollarzo
All riders can benefit from making their horses straighter and more supple by increasing their obedience to move away from the leg in this lateral exercise.

Effects of Colour on Behaviour 
by Equine Science Update (UK)

Do horses respond to colour stimulation? Researchers have found that colour choices can made a difference to equine responses.

The Lost Shoe Dilemma
  by Anthony Lawrence
Lost shoes are the bane of every horse persons life at one time or another and there are many reasons why horses lose them.
Heart Arrhythmia
by Dr Jennifer Stewart
The heart plays a central role in oxygenation of blood,
delivery of oxygen and energy, and removal of metabolic
products from the body so it is important to know what
heart sounds, rhythms and beats are normal and which may be cause for alarm.

Food for Thought
 by Kaye Meynell with Monty Roberts   A health scare forced Monty Roberts to change his lifestyle and reconsider many preconceived notions as to weight and the effects it has on horses and humans.

Please explain
with Brett Parbery and Dr Allan Gunn
Determining stirrup length and deworming. Experienced horsemen and women guide readers through the questions they have always wanted to ask.

Cob and Co Coach Ride  by Wendy Elks
Clydesdale horse breeders and Children’s Hospital supporters
take their Cobb and Co stagecoach and team 400 km on a modern-day
fund-raising mission.

Leg Control and Body Position by Sandi Simons                 
The rider’s body position and how they control their body
influences their leg position, which influences the control they have over the horse’s body and legs.

Trail Riding by Anna Sheehan ATHRA
Trail riding can be enjoyed by riders and horses at any level of fitness once a few basic skills have been established.

Silicon by Tania Cubitt, Ph.D. Hygain Feeds
Silicon’s role in building bone, giving strength to body tissue and joint health is a good reason for this often overlooked mineral to be considered in the horse’s feed.

Sleep Disorders by Kaye Meynell
Equine sleep patterns are rarely considered by owners, but the amount and
quality of sleep horses enjoy will affect their well-being and quality of life.

Mouthing the Young Horse  by Double Dan Horsemanship
Halter exercises for yielding and flexion must be well established before
introducing the bridle.

Omega Oils  by Dr Nerida Richards                 
The Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio needs to be kept in balance as too much Omega 6 in a horse’s diet could lead to excess inflammation and aggravation of problems like arthritis.

Coronary Band Injuries
 by Dr Luke Wells-Smith
Coronary band injuries can be a serious condition, but a diagnosis and treatment formulated by a veterinarian and farrier may help prevent lameness issues.

Additional Articles In The e-Preview

Turkey Horse Trekking
Rhonda Petschel, Margaret Mooney and Sue Kirkegard spent a fortnight on the 14th century Ottoman roads through the Turkish mountains.

Felix - at his first show by Katie Haggath, illustrations by Kay Thornton Funny Horse Cartoons
If you have read the 'Training of Felix' series then you won't want to miss the excitement of his first show.

To see the first in this series go to BACKCOPIES and start with the June July 12 Free emag and then the FREE E-previews for issues after that.

Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event
Jenelle Christopher’s photostory of New Zealand's victory, behind-the-scene and competition at this major international event.

Cavalia Moves To Sydney
A fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts and special effects.

RedFoto TV
A new innovation utilising technology to make equestrian sports more available to everyone. Aerial, head cam and video, with interviews and commentary on events in a TV format online.

Fact or Fiction - All weeds are bad   by Nicola Field
Water Tank Maintenance   by Andrea Carmody
Rain Gardens for Horse Properties
Dealing with Parasites the Natural Way  by Jackie Rive
The Advantages of Deciduous Trees   by Steve Mumford 
Holistic Management Pt 5 by Mariette van den Berg            
Small Farms Conference  
Planning for Peace, Productivity and Prosperity  by Chris Ferreira

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