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Inside the February/March 2014 issue
Vol 35 No 5 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

Lateral Movements -Travers   by Liz Tollarzo
Lateral exercises improve a horse’s physical and mental flexibility and lay the foundations for complex movements in many disciplines.

tick Attack by Dr Jennifer Stewart -
Equine Veterinarians Australia

Ticks are not averse to a blood meal on a horse. Their bite can cause infection and irritation so correct removal is essential.

Why those bell boots?
by Kaye Meynell
Relatively inexpensive when compared to other items of tack, the humble bell boot  can save costly injuries to horses prone to over-reaching.

horse agility
by Wendy Elks
A fun way to build communication and trust with an equine companion, Horse Agility is also growing world-wide as a competitive sport.

the horse-rider partnership by Rachel Hogg     
Strictly business, or an emotional bond? What kind of relationship do elite riders have with their equine partners?

the science of riding
by Portland Jones with Jon Pitts                 
People and horses learn in many different ways and each individual has a preferred learning style. Human performance expert, Jon Pitts, explains how a tailored approach to training can help riders achieve their goals.

training psychology by Tony Lander
A ‘one size fits all’ approach is rarely successful, but for a trainer to adapt their style to suit each horse, an understanding of horse psychology is required.

Soaking Hay  A study into the benefits of soaking hay.

Geldings Behaving Badly  How to distinguish between ‘rigs’ and those geldings that just behave badly.

the importance of actually weighing feed by Kentucky Equine Research
Weighing feed eliminates the guesswork and ensures that horses receive the correct amounts of forage and nutrition for their age, size and workload.

EQUITANA COLLECTION - SYDNEY 2013                  
A collection of new and interesting products from the trade stands at Equitana.

Heavy Horse Heaven? by Wendy Elks
An equine rescue organisation specialising in large-breed horses.

by Trisha Wren      
Improving the horse’s balance and posture through observation and simple exercises can alleviate tensions that impede suppleness and self-carriage and interrupt communication with the rider.

PLEASE EXPLAIN with Nina Arnott, Ian Francis and Luke Riding
Touching noses, scotching and how to safely pick up a horse’s feet. Experienced horsemen and women guide readers through the questions they have always wanted to ask.

The Short Goodbye ...weaning foals  
How weaning takes place can have a dramatic effect on the length of time required for a young horse to overcome the shock of separation.

CATCHING UP WITH gorgi coghlan
by Carole Watson
A hectic media career took Gorgi away from horses for many years. In returning to the land she has rediscovered what matters most.     

EQUINE PLACENTITIS by Dr Patrick Brogan        
Commonly found in older mares, placentitis can present at any age and mares that have had it once are very likely to be affected in subsequent pregnancies.

EQUINE self-mutilation syndrome by Kaye MeynellEquine Self-Mutilation Syndrome is extremely distressing to both horses and owners.Like other behavioural problems such as wind sucking, it is only observed in domesticated horses.

BONUS articles
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See the complete EQUITANA Collection
- A collection of new and interesting products from the trade stands at Equitana.
Fatter is Naughtier
Being overweight is not just a problem in human health; recent research suggests that fat horses and ponies are more likely to misbehave than their more slender companions.

To see the 'FELIX' series by New Zealander Katie Haggarth and superbly illustrated by Kay Thornton go to BACKCOPIES and start with the June July 12 Free emag and then the FREE E-previews for issues after that

Information Exchange - Readers’ Tips, Views and Questions
Hay Huts
Preparing for the First Rains by Chris Ferreira
Maximising your Pasture Dollar by David Nash
Growing Equine Herbs - Natural Insect Repellents by Jackie Rive            
Patterned Rugs to Deter Flies
Native Grasses - Mixing native and Introduced Pasture  by Dr Ian Chivers                 
Signs of Heat Stress in Horses by Kim Baker                             
Weedwatch - Fat Hen by Nicola Field
Holistic Management Pt 9 by Mariette van den Berg                 


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