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INSIDE the December / January 2015/16 issue
Vol 37 No 4 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, App ( for all devices) $5.99

SARAH WARNE - the Portugese connection
Like many young Australians Sarah headed to Europe to follow her passion for riding. Fast forward six years and Sarah has ridden hundreds of horses, competed internationally and is enjoying time living in Portugal with her dream horse, the Lusitano gelding Batialo.

Cleaning and dressing a wound is something that all horse owners should know how to do, ideally before the skills are needed to ensure the best possible outcome after an injury has occurred.

FLYING CHANGES for Dummies Part 2 by Liz Tollarzo
Following on from part 1, which explained the footfalls of the canter and the prerequisites before attempting flying changes, this issue features a number of exercises that can help the rider in their training, and help when things don’t necessarily go to plan.

by Wendy Elks
Based on traditional Spanish-Latino methods for training ranch horses, working equitation is the new three-phase sport that’s taking Australia by storm.


- a reader’s story by Deane Gavin
Despite breeding horses for a number of years, Deane Gavin was not prepared for the challenges ahead when her mare Fantasy had a red bag delivery during the foaling of her filly Scarlett.

The effects of laterality.   Dealing with the problems - Flying Change   Pat and Linda Parelli

LATERALITYAND THE CROOKED HORSE by Kaye Meynell with Dr Kerry Ridgeway
Laterality has the potential to significantly affect a horse’s biomechanics andlocomotion, and over time can lead to problems with soundness. Straightness training however can change the way a horse moves andresult in harmony and agility.

by Wendy Elks with Anita Barton
A tropical disease endemic to Australia, which can affect horses and humans.

Musculoskeletal injuries in horses and riders are a common cause of days lost from training each year. Kinesiology tape has been shown to improve a person or animal’s unconscious sense of their own position andmovement, and findings suggest the wearing of tape mayalleviate the risk of injury in fatigued athletes.

by Nicole Viney, Vineyard Performance
For a stress free event planning for that polished look should begin at home weeks before hand.

BEHIND THE BRAND – Pat and Linda Parelli
by Tracy Weaver-Sayer
While well known and highly regarded for their natural horsemanship, their audience is broadening with an increasing number of competitive riders joining their supporters, including many well known international riders and coaches.

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Anthropomorphism is attributing human terms to animal behaviours and looks at why it can be a problem if we do it to our horses; Dublin Clothing explains how to fit a child's body protector; Vicki Roycroft, International showjumper, talks about two or three point position between jumps; Associate Professor Krishona Martinson covers the subject of soaking horse's hay.

PRODUCT NEWS Product informationa dn what's new in the market place.

HORSE FRONT News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world.

THE GREEN HORSE - horses and the land
View the range of articles in the Green Horse that coverthe plant,Creeping Indigo, stable bedding for mulch, lawn corings to improve grass paddocks, bushfires,recycling garden bales, dung beetles and herbal hoof care.


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Studies suggest that the Przewalski’s horse (Equus
ferus przewalskii) (left) is the last surviving type of
wild horse, and is in a separate subspecies from all other modern horses.


Previous articles from this section are available online from our Archieved On-line article section. Go to Archived On-line Articles

The evolution of the horse, a mammal of the family Equidae, occurred over a geologic time scale of 50 million years, transforming the small, dog-sized, forest-dwelling Eohippus into the modern horse.

Paleozoologists have been able to piece
together a more complete outline of the
evolutionary lineage of the modern horse
than of any other animal.

The horses share a common ancestry with tapirs and rhinoceroses.

Splint Bones are the remnants of the second and the fourth toe. Modern horses retain the splint bones; they are often believed to be useless attachments, but they in fact play an important role in supporting the carpal joints (front knees)
and even the tarsal joints (hocks).


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