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Inside the December January 2013/14 issue
Vol 35 No 4 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

EMOTIONS and how they influence the horse

by Sandi Simons
Time spent with horses is meant to be enjoyable and sometimes that means leaving human emotions at the stable door.

Feeding Horses with Respiratory issues
by Dr Tania Cubitt – HyGain Feeds

Horses with respiratory disease can present unique problems with regards to the way they are managed, and feeding practices can be one of the first issues to address when looking at the health of the horse.

Vanessa amorosi’s MUSIC AND HORSES
 by Carole Watson
Vanessa Amorosi is known worldwide as a successful musician and performer, but she is also a passionate and dedicated horsewoman.

books for holiday reading

READER’S STORY - Neglect by Michelle Slater
The story of an Arabian mare so badly neglected that vets proposed euthanasia, now restored to health in her owner’s care.

Please explain with Dr Holly Lewis, Nina Arnott and Kentucky Equine Research
Watering a hot horse, Wobblers Syndrome, Western saddles and more. Experienced horsemen and women guide readers through the questions they have always wanted to ask.

RIDER CORE TRAINING by Annette Willson
Rider core strength helps develop a better riding position, leading to faster progress, better response from the horse and more value from instruction.

why those stirrups?  by Kaye Meynell
An item of tack few riders prefer to do without, there are stirrups for every riding style, discipline and

Behaviour or pms? by Dr Jennifer Stewart - Equine Veterinarians Australia
Many terms are used to describe the performance mares’ behaviour while in ‘heat’ or cycling, however there are measures that can be taken to improve the demeanor of the mare and enable training to be carried out at those times.

The Theory of the Bow and Bowstring
by Bert Hartog

This anatomy lesson shows how the connection is established on the top of the horse from the long back-muscle via the broad back-muscle to the front legs and the connection underneath the horse with the straight muscle in the belly and the external diagonal (oblique) muscle from the pelvis to the rib-cage of the horse.

Product News   
The latest on what’s new in the market place and Christmas gift suggestions.

Supplementing joint health
by Tarsha Walsh, Kelato Animal Health   
Care of the performance horse’s legs is vital for longevity. Using external protection such as boots and bandages can be combined with joint supplements or anti-inflammatory medicines.

equine joint support

Whether a s a result of age or performance strain, Osteoarthritis is a common joint problem. Luckily help is at hand from both veterinary and alternate sources.

mobile phone - health hazard or safety net?

by Kaye Meynell

The mobile phone is an accessory many people can’t live without, but is keeping phones too close contributing to cancer?
The biggest equestrian showcase came to Sydney this year with clinics, lectures and shopping, shopping shopping!

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Photographer Jenelle Christopher and Di Bawden from the Hoofbeats team cover this International event.


Recognition of the fact that once young performance partners age and eventually face retirement.

To see the 'FELIX' series by New Zealander Katie Haggarth and superbly illustrated by Kay Thornton go to BACKCOPIES and start with the June July 12 Free emag and then the FREE E-previews for issues after that

Information Exchange - Readers’ Tips, Views and Questions
Weedwatch - Poinsettia by Nicola Field
Native Grasses - Seed Harvesting by Dr Ian Chivers
Growing Equine Herbs - Calming Herbs by Jackie Rive            
Soil App for iPad
Holistic Management Pt 8 by Mariette van den Berg                 
Energy Wise and Fire Safe by Chris Ferreira
Equine Gas Colic by Kim Baker                             
Keeping Horses Organically by Andrea Carmody
Search for Anthelmintic Plants


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