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August/September 2017
Vol 39 No 2
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Vol 39 No 2 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, App (for all devices) $5.99


Anna Sophie Fiebelkorn by Liz Tollarzo
One of Germany’s leading trainers of young horses, Anna Sophie is set to increase her time spent in Australia coaching riders and horses. She shares her training tips, the differences she’s found between horse keeping in Australia and in Germany, and how important it is to aim for a happy horse and rider when training.

Dealing With Damp
by Kaye Meynell
Wet weather can add to the workload around the horses and a property, however with care and planning it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage the affects of less than ideal weather conditions.

Rehabilitating Spirit - a Reader’s Story
Fearing for the worst when faced with her horse’s severe leg injury, Kerrily Worden’s Quarter Horse overcame the odds thanks to prompt veterinary attention, a dedicated care and recovery program, plus plenty of bandages!

Why is Your Horse So Hot? by Dr Jennifer Stewart
Poor performance can be caused by a number of issues, one of which can be gut pain and discomfort as a result of certain feeding practices. An understanding of the effect of the horse’s diet can help with managing their day to day care.

False Tails – Selecting, Fitting and Maintaining by Nicole Groves
Not every horse is blessed with a luxurious, long thick tail, and in the show ring, where the horse’s overall appearance is important, a false tail can make all the difference.

Riding In Croatia by Denise Legge
Hoofbeats reader Denise Legge, a regular traveller and riding enthusiast, shares her experiences of riding in the Croatian countryside with a group of like minded ladies.he type of surface used on an arena, how often it’s used, and for what purpose are all very important considerations, and factors that can influencethe likelihood of the horse sustaining an injury.


Dealing with the damp is something
that all horse owners have to learn to do, be it for horses, feed or saddlery.


It may never be planned, but falling from a horse the safe way can be learnt.

  With an injury to the bone, stitches that split, Kerrily Woren tells how she nursed Spirit back to performance.

Expectations and the Blame Game by Sarah Warne
Riders need to be realistic and patient with their training and goals, getting the basics right before moving on to more collected exercises.

Herbal Spring Clean for the Whole Horse
by Catherine Bird
After winter a gentle ‘spring clean’ with a simple combination of herbs can help improve the horse’s wellbeing.

Foals: Nature Versus Nurture by Harriet Leahy
The handling foals, weanlings and yearlings receive can have an impact on their temperament, along with the traits they’ll inherit from their sire and dam.

Rail Trails by Tim Coen and Damian McCrohan
Offering riders quiet, off-road tracks through picturesque countryside, re-purposed old railway routes make ideal riding trails. For these to prosper and be readily accessible for equestrians, it’s important for those in the horse industry to take an interest and get involved in their planning and development.

Dry Versus Wet Feed by Antoinette Foster
The horse’s digestive process starts in the mouth, the chewing and grinding of their food an important process and one that’s required to minimise the risk of digestive upsets.

Rider Fall Safety Training by Lindsay Nyland
Falling from a horse is never something that a rider plans to do, yet few riders will never experience falling from a horse. Given there’s only a split second to decide what to do in the event of a fall it makes sense to know a good fall technique in advance, and to practice it.


CSU student Ms Claudia Macleay, who is doing her second degree after her
2015 graduation from Charles Sturt University, is conducting a survey into the feeding practices and supplement use among Australian horse owners.

"The aim of my survey is to collect data that will help us understand what feeds and supplements horse owners and managers are using across Australia and how that relates to the horse's current use, housing, pasture and workload or training," said Ms Maclea

There have been similar studies in the Great Britain, New Zealand and North America yet we still do not have detailed data on what we feed our horses in Australia.

To be involved in this important survey go to:


PRODUCT NEWS the latest product information on whats available in the horse world.

News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world.

THE GREEN HORSE - horses and the land
View the range of articles in the Green Horse that cover the role of weeds in identifying area that require work and on declaring war on weeds; fertilising the property, methane emissions from horses and more.


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Vol 31 - 3 Oct/Nov 2009
by Wendy Elks

Vision and planning, and a husband with a structural engineering degree, promptly saw a lifestyle property evolve into one idea for horses.

Vol 36 - 4 Dec/Jan 14/15
by Kaye Meynell
Researchers look at the question of why animals play and the benefits and disadvantages in the young horse. Both the short and long term benefits have yet to be clearly defined and agreed upon by those studying it.


Vol 35-3 Oct/Nov 2013
Many behavioural issues can be caused by not riding the horse forward. Riding forward with energy and control can solve many problems.

Vol 35-3 Oct/Nov 2013
Taking part in a Brumby Safari enabled Deb Bloomfield to make a special connection with a wild horse.





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