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August September 2015
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INSIDE the August September 2015 issue
Vol 37 No 2 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

ON HIS WAY… William Matthew by Suzanne McGill
Making the most of the opportunity as a working student in Europe, up and coming young Australian rider William Matthew broke through the top 50 in the FEI Youth Dressage Rankings last year without even owning his own horse.

THE SPOOK by Linda Parelli
When a horse feels unsafe its survival instinct can kick in, causing it to spook. A reaction that can scare and unseat even an experienced rider, therefore it’s important to know what to do and how to train a horse to build their confidence and reduce the risk of spooky behaviour.

FEED STORAGE by Kaye Meynell
With horse feed one of the most significant costs associated with horse keeping it makes sense to store your horse’s feed appropriately. This will not only ensure freshness and optimum nutritional values for the products’ intended shelf life, it makes sense from a financial perspective.


by Dr Victoria Hamilton
There can be a number of contributing factors leading to a horse becoming crooked and/or unsound. When considering the causes and which came first however, a knowledge of the horse’s biomechanical system will help determine what may have caused the problem and how best to address it.


Murdoch University’s Dr Annemarie Cullimore answers the query do horses have a gall bladder; the controversial use of rollkur is explained and Nina Arnott from Horse Safety Australia explains explains how best to manage moving more that one horse at a time around the property.

TRANSPORTATION - Effects on equine health and welfare by Dr Barbara Padalino

Horses that are being floated or trucked can experience a number of physiological, behavioural and hormonal responses and are vulnerable to a number of illnesses, including respiratory diseases which can be caused by a number of factors when travelling longer distances.

Barbara Padalino, DVM, PhD candidate, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, is currently conducting a survey to collect data about transport management and transport-related illness in Australia, in order to identify possible risk factors, thereby making horse transport a safer and less stressful experience in the future! If you transport horses then your help is needed with this survey.

Transport STRESS   HORSE TALK   The SPOOK with Linda Parello


by Felicity Wischer
With tens of thousands of young riders members of Pony Clubs across the country it’s no surprise that many of Australia’s top equestriennes had their early riding years shaped by their experiences at Pony Club. Internationally successful competitors
Edwina Tops-Alexander
, Mary Hanna, Hayley Beresford and
Warwick Schiller
discuss what they gained from their involvement, while two younger riders, Regan Weightman and
Jasmine Dennison share their more recently formed perspective.

HORSE TALK by Kit Prendergast
While horses have a limited vocal repertoire compared to other social species, they do use a range of sounds to express themselves. Understanding their vocal and non vocal sounds will lead to an improved bond, as they use the same ‘language’ when communicating with humans as they do with other horses.

FEEDING GRAIN Dr Nerida Richards
With the exception of oats, it’s not recommended feeding cereal grains to your horse unless they have been cooked. Whole uncooked grains are of little benefit and are better off not being fed.

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Long recognised by top professional riders as an essential training tool, the use of equestrian mirrors can be extremely helpful, especially when your instructor isn’t there to help you improve and monitor your riding and training. Riders who have them certainly believe they are an investment worth making.

Any product or labour-based business operates on similar principles, but there are big differences in structure and operation. Bruce Dalton from Worlds Best Hoof Oil, Jessica Blackwell from Equestricare and Alex and Rebecca Watson from Equathon Adventure Tourism discuss their equestrian businesses.


Murdoch University’s Dr Annemarie Cullimore answers the query do horses have a gall bladder; the controversial use of rollkur is explained and Nina Arnott from Horse Safety Australia explains explains how best to manage moving more that one horse at a time around the property.

PRODUCT NEWS Product informationa dn what's new in the market place.

HORSE FRONT News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world.

THE GREEN HORSE- horses and the land
View the range of articles in the Green Horse that cover salt affected pastures, composting, recycling and the final part of setting up an equine property.

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Peruvian Paso

Originating in Peru from Spanish stock brought by ship with Christopher Columbus, the breed has been declared a 'Patrimonio Cultural' (Cultural Heritage) in its native country.

The Peruvian horse has a gaited movement that is considered to be more comfortable to ride that a horse that trots. Movement was mainly developed to satisfy the need for a smooth and comfortable ride when overseeing plantations and travelling from one settlement to another.


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