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Inside the APRIL/MAY 2014 issue
Vol 35 No 6 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50, App $5.99

Lateral Movements - Renvers by Liz Tollarzo
Lateral exercises improve a horse’s physical and mental flexibility and lay the foundations for complex movements in many disciplines.

Australia Burns - bushfires 2014 online
A roundup of bushfire recovery after one of the most devastating bushfire seasons and what horse owners need to do before the next one.

Online Instruction
by Wendy Elks
Internet access now allows riders and coaches to connect anywhere in the world. With video capability and the potential for immediate feedback, online learning can be a valuable tool.

Rug Ruin
by Kaye Meynell
Outfitting horses with the correct rug in a changeable climate is made so much more difficult by horses that, wilfully or otherwise, rip them to shreds!

Have Horse, Will Travel - Selecting a Float
Float ownership is almost synonymous with horse ownership and, to ensure the safety and comfort of horses, it’s important to know what to look for, whether purchasing Australian or overseas made floats.
Plastic or Traditional Steel?

Synthetic shoes are light, flexible and bridge the gap between traditional steel shoes and barefoot, as well as filling a need for those experiencing hoof problems.

with Dr Holly Lewis, Carol Layton and Ron Paterson
The effects of clipping on horse health, feeding soy, following the movement and why foals eat their dam’s manure. Experienced horsemen and women guide readers through the questions they have always wanted to ask.

Angular Limb Deformities in Foals by Dr Maxwell Hall
Left untreated, angular limb deformities are likely to cause problems as a horse matures. Early action minimises these risks. falling

Training to Fall by Manuka Schneider
All riders want to avoid ‘unscheduled dismounts’, but few enjoy a riding career without the occasional tumble. The likelihood of injury is reduced, however, if the rider learns to fall safely.

What Controls Appetite and Hunger in Horses
by Dr Jennifer Stewart - Equine Veterinarians Australia

Appetite is the sum total of internal factors that either stimulate or inhibit hunger, and the primary driver of appetite in horses is to meet energy requirements.

Why That Saddle Pad?
by Kaye Meynell
Saddle pads vary a great deal in size, shape, material, thickness and price. Their role encompasses protection from sweat, pressure and heat distribution.

Baby On Board- click here to see more photos from this story
Would you take an orphaned Clydesdale on your long service leave camping trip? John and Anita Heath of Victoria did!
To read the article and see more photos of Sissy's camping trip click here

Reader’s Story - PSSM
by Felicity Wischer
Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy is a hereditary condition that can present with symptoms similar to colic, but actually affects a horse’s muscles.

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The latest on what’s new in the market place

Horse front

News, veterinary advances and horse happenings around the world.

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Horsetrekking Through French History- If you are planning on attending the World Equestrian Games in France this August then you may find this a delightful side trip, or arrange a trip for the future. Riding through the cobbled streets, watching jousting tournaments, visiting several chateaux

Ayden Uhir - Equestrian rider sponsored by Nike

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Information Exchange - Readers’ Tips, Views and Questions

Weedwatch - Twiggy Mullein by Nicola Field
Horse Manure - the Key to Biofuel
Feral Animal Research
Growing Equine Herbs - Tasty Herbs for Foals by Jackie Rive
PIC Reminder
We’re Getting it Right Down Under by Carole Watson To read the full story click here
After the Fire by David Nash
Fact or Fiction with Andrea Carmody
Holistic Management Pt 10a
by Mariette van den Berg 

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