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April May 2013
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Inside the April May 2013 issue
Vol 34 No 6 $7.50 AU, $7.95 NZ, e-mag $5.50

The Canter Depart by Wendy Elks with Coralie Smyth, Carlos Taberniberri and Josh Lyons
Correct preparation helps to achieve a smooth and easy canter depart for this three-beat gait that requires the right mix of straightness, balance and activity to achieve the desired strike-off.

Pulling The Strings  by Carole Watson
A love of horses and theatre were combined for Sarah Nelson with her role as a puppeteer in the War Horse play that has had experienced horse owners admit to almost forgetting these horses are puppets.

Headshaking  Syndrome

Research have identified a surgical procedure that is having a 49% success rate for Headshaking syndrome -  most commonly manifested by a sudden flipping of the nose downward, followed by head tossing, rubbing of the nose on objects, excessive snorting, and sometimes striking at the muzzle area.

Tight Girths by Kaye Meynell
Can riders really rely solely on their own judgment when it comes to fastening the girth to an optimal level?

What the Professionals Say on Tight Girths
Offering their experienced opinions on tight girths are Jose Mendez, Stuart Tinney, Megan Jones, Ian Francis and Warwick Schiller.

Property and Horse Accidents

The way a horse is handled during an emergeny or accident can mean the difference between life and death, long term injury or recovery.

Please Explain
with Brian Timney, Ross Jacobs and  Dr Sharanne Raidal
Our new section, where experienced horsemen and women guide readers through those many questions they have always wanted to ask in relation to commonly accepted equestrian terms, traditions and health factors.

Horses Don’t Have Stage Fright
Research has shown that it is not the horses that suffer anxiety in front of crowds or spectators - but their riders.

Help for Braced Heels by Wendy Murdoch
Many riders jam their feet against the stirrup in order to sink their weight through their heels, however too much weight in the stirrup may inhibit the horse’s ability to round its back beneath the rider.

Thermography - not just a pretty picture
by Jean Koek
Thermography has hundreds of applications across many areas of commerce and industry, however its use in the veterinary field is highly controversial.
The story of injured dressage mare Sugar highlights
its benefits in identifying the site of the problem.

Body Control - the horse’s shoulders and hips
by Sandi Simons
The primary and most influential body parts of the horse that control movement are the shoulder and the hip. Working with the horse on the ground will show the influence these have on movement and focus.

Feeding the Sick or Injured Horse by Dr. Stephen Duren, Ph.D. Hygain Feeds
Understanding and providing the feed requirements of the sick or injured horse will help the horse to recover sooner.

Questions and Answers
Readers questions are answered by experienced horse professionals. In this issue Carol Layton talks about oils, Dan Steers explains how tp ground tie and branding or microchipping options are revealed in research from University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

Breeding Relationships

Line breeding or inbreeding will increase the genetic influence of a bloodline and can be used to amplify or fix positive traits but will also amplify negative traits.

Horse Front
News, veterinary advances and horse happenings.

Foal Brag Winners and great photos
Go to the Hoofbeats facebook page to view the 2013 entries
in the Foal Brag competition.

Information Exchange - Reader’s Tips, Views and Questions
Overgrazing - What does it really mean by Andrea Carmody
Establishing Native Grasses by Ian Chivers
Apple Cider Vinegar   by Jackie Rive
Spotlight on Quad Bike Safety
Toxic Trees  by Nicola Field
Buying Rural Properties  by Chris Ferreira
The Good Oil on Emu Products by Amanda White
Holistic Management Pt 4: Ecosystems Processes by Mariette van den Berg


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